Slack integration

Integrating our tools with Slack can further streamline your workflow, allowing notifications and updates to be directly sent to your Slack channels. Here's a quick and easy guide on how this can be done.

This integration is still in beta
This is coming soon. Want it added to your account? Contact us.

Setting up integration

Firstly, ensure you have the necessary permissions both on our platform and on your Slack workspace to enable integrations. Also, it's best to have a specific Slack channel dedicated to updates from our tool.

  1. From our interface, navigate to the 'Integrations' tab and select 'Add New Integration'.

  2. In the dropdown, select 'Slack'.

  3. You will now be prompted to add details of your Slack workspace, including your Slack channel where updates will be sent.

  4. Click on the 'Link Slack Account' button. You will be redirected to Slack. Enter your workspace URL and sign in with your Slack credentials.

  5. You will then be prompted to allow our app to access your Slack workspace. Click 'Allow' to proceed.

  6. Once the setup is successful, you'll be redirected back to our tool.

Configuring notifications

Once Slack has been successfully integrated, you can now configure the type of notifications you want to be shared on your Slack channel.

  • Go back to the 'Integrations' tab in our tool.

  • Select 'Slack' and click on 'Configure'.

  • You can select or deselect the type and severity of updates that are sent to your Slack channel.

  • Once you’re happy with your preferences, click 'Save'.

Testing the integration

Once you have configured your settings, it's important to test the integration.

  • Hit the 'Test Integration' button.

  • A test notification should be sent to your Slack channel.

  • If the message arrives successfully, you can be sure the integration is working.

Managing the integration

You can edit or remove the Slack integration at any time by navigating to 'Integrations' in our platform. You can also temporarily disable notifications without removing the entire integration.

In conclusion, integrating our tool with Slack creates a more efficient workflow by bridging the gap between your team communication and our services.