Execute actions directly by replying to an email

When you receive a notification email from Fernand, instead of replying or writing a note, you can also execute specific actions directly, allowing you to treat a conversation faster without having to head to Fernand's app.

We support the following commands :

  • ∕c or /close to close a conversation

  • /s or /spam to mark a conversation as spam

  • /!s or /!spam to mark a conversation as spam and block the contact

  • /a or /assign to assign to someone to your team. When doing so, we expect a second parameter that will be either the email or the beginning of the name of the member you want to assign to. In this case, "me" is a specific keyword that will assign the conversation to you.

For instance, you can assign to your teammate Richard by doing /a ri. That's enough!

You can also combine multiple actions by writing them one by line. As long as you start the action with a slash (/), you can quickly do multiple actions:

/a me

In case you send an action that is unknown, let's say /b, you'll receive an email warning you that your email was ignored because we couldn't understand the requested action.

The same applies for when you try to assign a conversation to someone and either make a typo or we can't find them, such as /assign rihc.

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