Inviting team members

At Fernand, we believe customer support is a team effort and shouldn't happen in a silo. Getting your team onboard is an essential step in effective collaboration. You can seamlessly invite team members, assign roles and permissions, and ensure that everyone can contribute in a way that works best for them and your organization. Let's get started!

Steps to invite team members

  1. Go to "Settings" on your dashboard

  2. Select "Team"

  3. Enter the email address of the person you want to invite in the "Invite Member" field

  4. Click "Invite"

Role selection

There are pre-defined roles you can choose from: Administrator, Support agent, and Internal collaborator. These roles have a default set of permissions, but you can customize permissions on an individual basis.

Granular permissions

Our platform allows you to assign or restrict various capabilities for each team member. Here's the list of the permissions you can assign:

  • Workspace
    Can update workspace details

  • Conversation
    Can reply to conversations, can create a new conversation, can send an internal note, can assign a conversation, can change the status of a conversation, can tag a conversation, can change the subject of a conversation, can mark the message as spam, can delete a specific message in a conversation, can delete a conversation.

  • Recipients
    Can add a recipient to the conversation, can remove a recipient from the conversation.

  • Smart Snippets
    Can add/update/delete a smart snippet or a smart snippet category.

  • Channels
    Can create or delete a channel.

  • Team
    Can invite a teammate, can update the role of a teammate, can remove a teammate

  • Rules
    Can create/update/delete automation rules.

  • Contacts
    Can update a contact, can block/unblock contacts, can refund payments, can unsubscribe customers from subscriptions.

  • Tags
    Can add/update/delete tags.

  • Knowledge Base
    Can update the knowledge base settings, can write/update/delete articles, can create/update/delete a collection.

The permissions "Can reply to conversations" and "Can create a new conversation" will set the user as active. An active user will be billed at $29 per month. Passive users get in for free!

Getting started with team collaboration

With permissions and roles configured, your team is now set up for collaboration! We hope this guide has been helpful. Remember, you can update these permissions at any time, making our platform flexible and adaptable to your ever-changing business needs.

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