Translations in the widget

Our support widget comes with a few translations available. As of now, we support the following languages:

  • French

  • German

  • Italian

  • Spanish

  • Portuguese

  • Polish

If you want to participate, you can submit a new language by updating the following file:

You can also review the translations at if you believe we made some mistake in your tongue language.

All the static words in our widget have been translated, but we cannot anticipate and translate the custom text you set in the following parameters:

  • orgDescription

  • customPrompt

  • customIdentPrompt

  • labels.home / / labels.articles /

  • links[].title

For all of these, instead of a string, you can pass an object with the language as the key - defined by two letters (ISO 639-1) - and the translated string as the text. In this case, the language "en" is required.

For example:

Fernand('init', {
    appId: 'your-slug',
    orgDescription: {
        en: 'Hey! Do you need help?',
        fr: 'Salut! Besoin d\'aide?',
        de: 'Hallo! Brauchst du Hilfe?'

Our widget will use the default language based on the browser preferences (not the IP's location). In the above example, if a user has a language not defined, like "ik" for instance, our widget will fallback to the "en" language automatically.

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