Custom links icon reference

We provide a handful of icons that you can use when adding custom links to your support widget. To embed a custom link on your support widget, just pass the following parameters to your JS embed code.

links: [
        icon: 'guides',
        title: 'Read our guides',
        url: ''

This is an array element, meaning you can add as many links as you want. If you don't specify an icon parameter, your custom link will automatically fall back to the link icon.

Supported icons

  • link link
  • apps apps
  • bell bell
  • bento bento
  • bug bug
  • calendar calendar
  • call call
  • code code
  • contact contact
  • user user
  • download download
  • guides guides
  • video video
  • heart heart
  • inbox inbox
  • lock lock
  • facebook facebook
  • discord discord
  • telegram telegram
  • git git
  • twitch twitch
  • hashtag hashtag

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