Setting up a communication channel

Welcome! Let's get your communication channel up and running. Having a dedicated channel helps ensure smooth communication with your customers. Follow the steps in this guide to create your own inbox, set up an email redirect, and configure your DNS records.

Creating your inbox

The first step to establishing your dedicated communication channel is creating an inbox.

  1. From the dashboard, navigate to your settings, then to the "Channel" section

  2. Click the "+ Add channel" button

  3. In the form that appears, fill in the "Name" and "Channel email" fields. The inbox name is how it'll appear on your dashboard and to messages sent to your customers, while the email is where messages for this inbox will be sent.

  4. Click "Create a channel" to create your channel

Setting up an email redirect

To create your channel, you will need to set up an email redirect. This will ensure all emails sent to your channel email are forwarded to Fernand.

  1. Head over to your email provider's settings page—this may look different depending on your provider

  2. Locate the "Forwarding" or "Redirect" section

  3. Enter your channel email in the "Source" field, and the Fernand email we provided in the "Destination" field

  4. Save your settings

Setting up your DNS records

Setting up DNS records helps authenticate your communication, ensuring emails from your inbox reach their destination without getting flagged as spam. You'll need to set up one TXT record and two CNAME records.

Setting the TXT record

TXT records are used for various purposes, including email verification.

  1. Go to your DNS provider's page. Find the DNS management section, and click on the option to add a new record

  2. Select TXT record from the drop-down list

  3. In the Field Name or Host section, usually you can just enter @ or leave it empty

  4. In the Value or Text section, enter the TXT value we provide

  5. Save your changes

Setting the CNAME records

CNAME records are used to point a subdomain at a different domain name. We'll add two of them:

  1. Using the same steps as before, select "CNAME record" from the drop-down list

  2. Enter the specific subdomains we provide in the Host field

  3. In the Value section, enter the destination hostname we provide

  4. Repeat the process for the second CNAME record

  5. Save your changes

With these steps completed, your dedicated communication channel is ready to go! Enjoy seamless, secure communication with your customers.

For now, we only support emailing as a channel
Please note that for the time being, the only communication channel you can add on Fernand is email. We'll add other channel methods (Chat, 𝕏, etc..) in the future.

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