Importing Intercom conversations

Intercom offers a way to export all your conversations with their attachments into an Amazon S3 storage.

At Fernand, we've implemented a dedicated S3 bucket that you can export your data to, that will then be imported onto Fernand so that you don't loose any of your conversations when migrating to us.

This is very easy to do and requires just a few steps, using Intercom's Data exporter.

  1. First, connect to your Intercom account at then head to Settings > {Organization} DATA > Data export

  2. Click "New data export"

  3. In the "Configuration" tab, you'll see three sections. Fill them with the following information.

    Data Objects
    Select "Conversations", with the the type "JSON" and disable "Include attachments":

  4. Destination
    Select "Amazon S3". In the "Amazon S3 bucket details", enter the name "fernand", such as it read intercom-export-fernand.

  5. The "Folder name" is very important here. You must enter the name of your organization as it exists in the URL when connected to your app. For our example

    The name for the folder must be piedpiper.

    In "Folder sorting method", you select "No folders". Enable "Skip empty exports when no data has changed" to avoid creating empty files.

    You can then ignore the "Set up CloudFormation stack" as our stack is already set-up.

  6. Schedule
    In the schedule export, you can select hourly if you still receive messages. That way, we'll import them as soon as they arrive and you will have an almost synced Fernand app with Intercom.

  7. Then, hit "Start data export" at the top right of the page:

  8. A confirmation email will be sent to you to validate that you are authorized to initiate a data export. Click on it to confirm.

  9. Now, in the "Runs" tab, you'll see your export running. Once it's completed, our system will automatically import the data onto your account.

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