Reply directly from an email notification

When you receive a notification email from Fernand, such as a new conversation or a reply, you'll notice the "Reply-to" email is something like "reply-{hash}" or "note-{hash}".

Replying to this email will create the appropriate result directly at Fernand. For instance, if the "Reply-to" email starts with "reply-", writing a message here will send a response directly to your customer.

Fernand will trim the attached previous message when you reply and include it whenever possible. We support all major mail providers.

You can also change the action by renaming the first part : "reply" / "note" by the other, and it will have the desired effect.

We gives indication on where your email will land between Reply and Note in the header of the notification email, such as in this case:

In this case, you can see that replying to that email will create a note.

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