Smart snippets

Smart snippets are one of Fernand's powerful features, designed to supercharge your efficiency. Think of them as shortcuts to your most frequent actions. With just a few keystrokes, you can trigger various actions right from your conversation editor view. All you need to do is start typing with a / followed by the short name you've assigned to your smart snippet.

Actions you can perform with Smart snippets

  • Tag the conversation

    This allows you to add a specific tag to a conversation. Tags are useful for categorizing conversations and making them easier to find later.

  • Assign to

    This changes the agent responsible for a conversation. You might assign a conversation to a specific team or agent based on their expertise.

  • Round robin assign

    This assigns conversations evenly among a group of agents. It’s an effective method to distribute the workload fairly.

  • Unassign

    This revokes the responsibility of an agent from a conversation. The conversation goes back to the general queue and can be assigned anew.

  • Notify

    This notifies a specific person or team about a conversation. It can be used to draw attention to urgent or important conversations.

  • Notify assignee

    This sends a notification to the agent assigned to a conversation about updates or messages in that conversation.

  • Mark conversation as spam

    If you receive an irrelevant message or spam, this action flags the conversation as spam and moves it to the spam folder.

  • Snooze conversation

    This temporarily removes a conversation from your queue, causing it to reappear after a set amount of time. It's ideal for dealing with issues that cannot be resolved immediately.

  • Re-open conversation

    If you need to revive a conversation that has been closed, this action reopens the conversation and it returns back to your active queue.

  • Close conversation

    Once a conversation is resolved, this action closes the conversation and removes it from your active queue.

  • Forward message

    This sends the entire conversation or a specific message to another email address. It can be used when needing input or action from somebody outside of your usual support team.

  • Insert a reply

    This lets you use a pre-existing or canned response to reply quickly to a common question.

  • Send to a Webhook

    This sends the details of the conversation to an external system or application via a webhook. This can trigger actions in other tools, automating your workflows.

    Each of these actions helps you manage conversations and customer interactions more efficiently and effectively. Remember, you can create Smart snippets for these actions to automate these steps even further!

Creating your own Smart snippets

Creating Smart snippets on Fernand is an easy and straight-forward process. Let's guide you through step by step:

  1. Start by selecting the action you want to set as a Smart snippet. This could be any of the aforementioned actions like 'Tag the conversation' or 'Assign to'.

  2. Assign a distinct and descriptive name to this action. This will be the name of your Smart snippet.

  3. Next, add a short name for the Smart snippet. This will be the keyword used to trigger the Smart snippet within the conversation editor view. It is advised to make the short name intuitive and related to the action for quick recall.

  4. In the conversation editor view, type / followed by the first few letters of your Smart snippet's short name. Fernand will suggest matching snippets.

  5. Select the appropriate Smart snippet from the suggestions.

Benefits of using Smart snippets

Smart snippets speed up your workflow, reduce repetitive actions, and make responding easier. Instead of navigating through menus to fetch a common reply or to assign a conversation, simply use your Smart snippet.

Remember, Smart snippets offer limitless possibilities for customization, so don't hesitate to create snippets that suit your work style and productivity needs.

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