How to use Google Workspace advanced mail routing with Fernand

Google Workspace advanced mail routing can be used to redirect messages received by your organization's email addresses to your Fernand channel.

  1. Access Google Admin Console
    Go to Google Admin Console and log in with your admin account.

    From the Admin console Home page, go to Apps > Google Workspace > Gmail. Then, select Routing from the Email routing section.

  2. Configure the Email Routing Rule

    Click on Add another rule. Give your rule a name that is easy to identify, such as "Fernand Support Channel Routing".

    In the Emails to affect section, select Inbound.

    If you want to restrict this rule to specific conditions (like certain recipient addresses), define those under the Account types to affect and Envelope recipient matches sections.

  3. Add Recipient Address

    In the Add more recipients section, click Add.

    Recipient Type: Choose Basic, and enter the email address of your Fernand communication channel. You'll find this one on Fernand's channel settings.

    Click Save to apply these settings.

  4. Test and Confirm

    You can now send a test email to ensure it redirects properly to the Fernand channel.

    You should be all set 🎊


  • Custom Filters: You can further customize the routing rule by adding filters for specific sender addresses, subject lines, or other criteria.

  • Security: Ensure that sensitive information is handled securely when setting up email redirects. The Google spam filter can be fairly aggressive. If it determines an email is spam, that email will not be forwarded in to Fernand.

For more detailed information and troubleshooting, you can refer to the official Google Workspace support documentation here.

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